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...habitable for potential renters.Blame game and warning to house buyersDirector Jonathan Rolande attributes the oversight to the surveying company, accusing them of missing the presence of Japanese knotweed on the… [Read More] of a "home destroying" plant.Jonathan Rolande is the director of House Buy Fast - a cash property buying company... [Read More]

Jonathan Rolande, a homeowner from Aberdare, South Wales, found himself in a distressing ... saleability and market value of homes.In Jonathan Rolande’s case, his property firm, HouseBuyFast, incurred significant... [Read More]

...horror Japanese knotweed infestation.Jonathan Rolande said his firm HouseBuyFast has been lumbered with bills of £20k to ... unsaleable, and at that point unmarketable.'Jonathan Rolande said his firm HouseBuyFast was… [Read More]

...putting off,” founder of House Buy Fast Jonathan Rolande explained.“For anyone looking to sell a home, then a spring... [Read More]

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